Bulls fail to keep up the pace in Indiana

Thursday, 11.07.13

This Bulls team for 2013-14 sure looked good on paper.

Though now we’re starting to wonder if we were writing with invisible ink.

“It’s frustrating,” admitted Derrick Rose Wednesday after the Bulls collapsed down the stretch once again and lost 97-80 to the Indiana Pacers, who closed the game with a 30-11 run in the last seven minutes. “But we’re pro athletes. It’s just four games in. We can’t let it get that frustrating. We know if we keep working hard like we’re doing we’re going to catch a rhythm soon.

“Super surprised,” Rose added about lax defense and lackluster offense. “But we can’t be down on ourselves. Defense, you can change that with effort. Offensively, knocking down shots. We’ve worked too hard to get frustrated like that. I think we’re going to be fine. We just have to catch a rhythm on both sides of the ball. It’s that second and third effort. Once we get everyone doing that I know we’re going to be great.”

Panic didn’t seem to settling in among Bulls players afterward even as they fell to 1-3 while the Pacers went to 5-0. Though perhaps that’s not so great. Not so much that a week into the season is time enough to make judgments. But perhaps a bit more passion is necessary. The Bulls continue to play hard; but they also seem to play without the vehemence and animation so prevalent in recent seasons.

“They wanted it more than us,” said Joakim Noah, who had four points and eight rebounds in 27 minutes and along with Rose sat much of the fourth quarter. “They got to every loose ball, every rebound. We’ve got to get our edge back.”

Lest the beautiful view the Bulls figured to be looking at this season turns out to be the scene tumbling down the mountain. Take a quick look when you’re falling. Because you may never see anything like that again.

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