Derrick hits buzzer-beater to give Bulls 2-1 series lead over Cavs

Saturday, 05.09.15

With 3 seconds left on the clock and the score tied at 96-96, the Bulls drew up a play for Derrick Rose to get a last-second look at the basket. While the play didn’t go as planned, Derrick got the inbounds and banked in a long three pointer to send the Chicago fans into a frenzy and give the Bulls a 2-1 lead in the conference semifinals.

“I was supposed to get the ball in the corner,” said Rose. “When I ran toward the corner I wasn’t open, so I just ran toward the ball. Mike (Dunleavy) threw me the ball; I drove right and released the ball. I felt like it was a good shot. It went glass and went in. I don’t mean to sound cocky, but those are the shots you want to take as a player in my position.

“And no,” Rose said with a smile, “I did not call glass.”

Derrick finished with 30 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists in 39 minutes of action. The Bulls don’t have long to celebrate as the series continues on Sunday in Chicago.

”It feels good to see one go in,” Rose added. “It’s just going to boost my confidence and hopefully make me play better.It’s always exciting and feels good to win a playoff game, period. This game is already over with. On to the next game. Can’t think about the past.”