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Derrick appears on NBA TV’s Inside Stuff

Sunday, 01.25.15

In latest Inside Stuff  ‘Quick Take,’ Derrick Rose discusses the current Bulls season and why he wears the Number 1. Head over to to check out the video!

ESPN Feature: The Third Coming of Derrick Rose

Wednesday, 10.15.14

by Wright Thompson

THE LIFE DERRICK ROSE wants back is three days away, and not a thing in the world but time can bring it any closer. He must endure a little more, leaning against the wall in the corner during a break in a photo shoot, alone, doing calf stretches then touching his toes. When action in the private gym resumes, he won’t dunk, rising until he hears the shutter click, then tucking the ball and landing as softly as he can. That’s one of the many lessons he learned during his time away. Every dunk costs something, a debt that will demand payment months, even years, from now. He’s about to turn 26. He wants to save his legs.

“Everything is starting up,” he says, bracing for what’s to come.

It’s a Friday in late September. The Bulls report for preseason in 72 hours. The question of the past three years — can he return to his career previously in progress? — will soon have an answer, which everyone close to Derrick wants to hear, even if that answer is no. A cycle of injury and recovery finally has an end date, a month ahead and closing fast.

“Where’s the first game?” his agent, B.J. Armstrong, asks, watching the action. “New York?”

Randall Hampton, Derrick’s best friend since sixth grade and now his assistant, smiles.

“Yeah,” Hampton says, “then Cleveland.”

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The D Rose 5 Boost to be Released 10/23

Thursday, 10.09.14

The D Rose 5 Boost will be released later this month on 10/23. Boost is an industry-first cushioning technology designed to deliver maximum energy return, responsiveness and comfort to players. This marks the first time that Boost technology is being integrated into the Rose line of shoes.

“Having the Boost cushioning in my new signature shoe makes it the most favorite of mine that we’ve ever done,” said Rose. “I’ve played in them for a couple months, but every time I put them on it feels like a new shoe and it’s the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. Now, I can’t imagine playing without Boost in my shoes.”

Check out Derrick’s new commercial for the sneakers above and for more information click here.